Fashion is bigger than what we wear as it starts at home with decorative pillows sitting on a comfortable couch, a beautiful rug laying across the living room floor or window curtains dressing up a stylish room. It is crystal clear every aspect of our lives is draped by who we are. Nivvas is not just another brand which merely fits into trends, we produce them. In 2010 we began as a design firm specializing in design, marketing & business strategies. After years of working in the industry Nivvas has transitioned into a designer brand of hand crafted home decor and furnishings from across different parts of India.

Nivvas stems from thousands of years of tradition of developing such intricate textiles and hand crafted treasures which still continues till this day. After years of refining our craft, we have incorporated multiple techniques and trade secrets to develop Nivvas into a state of an art company who strives on perfection. In 2015 we launched a dynamic collection of Indo-Nepali rugs at the High Point Market which catapulted us to young stardom. After getting such an overwhelming response we decided to deal exclusively in luxury hand crafted textiles and furnishings. 

 Our creative team works endlessly on bringing to market an ideal look which includes table linens, pillows, rugs, throws, accents, furniture etc. We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly as today humanity needs to strive to be environmentally responsible, so too we are doing our part. We are an American based company and our main offices are located in Brooklyn. Both our showrooms and warehouses provide ample space to provide customers with full access to process orders with sufficient lead times. Until recent we worked exclusively with the trade but as of now we are developing a permanent catalog of pillows & throws that will be available to the public in 2018.


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